Heralds of Galactus Box Set

Micro Silver Surfer
Asteroid Base
Flame Hair Cap
Flame Hair Base
Clear Stand
Takeoff Blast Base (Double) - Translucent Purple
Package Text:
Galactus: Sole survivor of the universe existing before the Big Bang, Galactus, Devourer of Worlds, is perhaps the most feared being in the cosmos! He comes with a tiny Minimate of the Silver Surfer, his first herald.
Terrax: Tyros was once dictator of the city Lanlak on the planet Siri, where his ability to control rocks and earth gave him absolute power. Before making Tyros his herald, Galactus had him take on the Fantastic Four.
Morg: Morg was the executioner on the medieval world of Caraner, until the world devourer Galactus consumed it. He opposed Galactus, but the world-devourer made the ruthless Morg his herald instead of destroying him.
Nova: Exposed to chemicals as a child, Frankie Raye was afraid of fire for years, until a mental block was lifted and she gained powers similar to the Human Torch. She later volunteered to become the herald of Galactus.
Series:  Marvel Minimates - Other Box Sets

Release Date:  October 29, 2011

UPC:  699788722039

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