Fine Print
All Licenses and Likenesses are Copyright and/or Trademarked the respective owners. I am not affiliated with Art Asylum, Diamond Select Toys, Marvel, DC, Battlestar Galactica, Bruce Lee, Mr. T, Ozzy Osborne, Iron Maiden, Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Rocky Balboa, Speed Racer, Pops, Trixie, Chim-chim, Desilu Studios, Paramount, Viacom, or whoever the hell owns Star Trek these days, Ryu, E. Honda, Dhalsim, New Line Cinema, Weta Studios, Peter Jackson, J.R.R. Tolkien, Lord of the Rings, or any of the other properties you may see on this site. I'm just a guy taking pictures of his Minimates. Although I did meet Batman once at my local bar... good times, good times.
The Minimate Database has Copyright on all images on this site except for the Spanish language C3 packs which are used with permission of the photographer. Details available upon request.
eBay Sellers
Simply put, don't use my images in your auctions, okay? I'm a guy that buys a lot of Minimates, so it stands to reason I'm on eBay quite a bit. It's pretty likely I'll run across your auction. If I do, I'll report you for Copyright Infringement. eBay will pull the auction, eventually. Enough reports and eBay will boot you, eventually. So save us both the hassle, mmmmkay?
Auctions removed to date: 42
Privacy Policy
Right now, the only info collected on users is the access log. No cookies, no personal data, just what pages are accessed. And I only do that so I can see what my traffic looks like and find out which pages are popular and which ones aren't. Those logs are expunged on a regular basis.
About the Minimate Database
The Minimate Database was conceived to help me keep track of what Minimates I'm missing. Sure I could have just kept a list somewhere, but where's the fun in that? And it can't simply be a bunch of static HTML pages, it needs pretty pictures. How hard could it be to take pictures of every single Minimate and Minimate package, then setup all the relationships to show which figures are in which packages and which packages are in which series? Sounds easy right? Ungh.
In the future, I hope to add functionality that allows users to setup their own profiles to keep track of what Minimates they have and need. Including the ability to output customized Want Lists.
I'd like to thank Lurch77 for his Definitive Lists at Minimate Multiverse. I used them for the basis of my personal checklist a couple years ago (when they were on the AA boards), which in turn became the basis for this project. I've tried to use the exact names listed on the boxes, as a result the Minimate Database doesn't match The Definitive Lists figure for figure. That makes it easier for me to keep track of everything.
I'd also like to thank Danny at Minimates Central, Jatta Pake and Fujis at Minimate Headquarters, and AdyCarter, Shanester, and all the members at Minimate Multiverse that help me keep on top of all the Minimate news.