Sailor Zombie & Leg Bite Zombie

Arm with Striped Shirt - Left
Arm with Striped Shirt - Right
Basic Hand - Sickly Yellow (x2)
Package Text:
Sailor Zombie: Survival Tip: Dispatching zombies is best done in pairs. That way, one of you can distract the zombie while the other goes in for the kill. Zombies can't focus on more than one target at a time.
Leg Bite Zombie: Survival Tip: Zombies tend to follow a herd mentality, traveling in groups as small as two or as large as 100. So you should never assume a zombie is alone; there is probably another one nearby.
Series:  Walking Dead Minimates TRU Wave 2

Release Date:  December 17, 2012

UPC:  699788100639

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