Princess Anck-Es-En-Amon & Frank Whemple

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Princess Anck-Es-En-Amon: Helen Grosvenor bears a strong resemblance to the ancient Egyptian princess Anck-Es-En-Amon, and may in fact be the princess reincarnated. This makes her a prize to be won by the resurrected priest Imhotep, who wishes to be reunited with his beloved.
Frank Whemple: Ten years ago, archaeologist Joseph Whemple unearthed a mummy, only to later find his assistant murdered and the mummy gone. Today, his son Frank follows in his foosteps and is intrigued when a man named Ardath Bey brings word of another tomb.
Series:  Universal Monsters - Toys R Us Wave 3

Release Date:  August 17, 2012

UPC:  699788811221

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