Thundercats Box Set 3

Staff (Gold)
Bolo Whip (Compact)
Coiled Whip - Brown
Staff - Compact
Hoverboard (x2)
Bolo Whip
Berbil Bill
Tiny Knife
Whip Lasso - Pink
Smoke Bombs
Package Text:
Stranded on Third Earth following the destruction of their planet, the Thunderans did their best to make this strange world their new home. Super-fast warrior Cheetara, brilliant scientist Tygra and youngsters Wilykit and Wilykat each played their part in rebuilding their civilization, although they needed the help of the robotic Ro-Bear Berbil Bill to construct their majestic headquarters, the Cat's Lair.
Series:  Thundercats Box Sets

Release Date:  March 1, 2013

UPC:  699788220023

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