Box & Vindicator

Translucent Yellow Hairpiece
Blaster Hand
Flame Hair Base - Yellow
Vindicator Mask - Blue
Vindicator Mask - Red
Vindicator Hairpiece
Takeoff Blast Base (Single)
Package Text:
Box: Madison Jeffries is a mutant who can shape metal, glass and plastic with his mind. He helped upgrade the Box battle suit for Canadian super-team Alpha Flight, and took control of Box when the original pilot went rogue. He can now phase in and out of the armor as ell as alter its shape and size.
Vindicator: Heather Hudson's husband James was the pilot of the Guardian battle suit, stolen from a weapons supplier and used to start up Alpha Flight. When James was believed dead, Heather modified his battle suit and underwent training with Wolverine to became the Canadian team's new leader.
Series:  Marvel Minimates - Toys R Us Two Packs (Wave 14)

Release Date:  October 10, 2012

UPC:  699788722855

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