Mr. Fantastic & Dr. Doom

Blue Arm with Black Trim (Right)
Blue Arm with Black Trim (Left)
Basic Hand - Black (x2)
Stretch Arm Torso Grip (Blue/Black)
Stretch Arm Fist (Blue/Black)
Mr. Fantastic Coiled Base
Stretch Neck
Doombot Head
Base with Large Peg (34mm) - Clear (x2)
Package Text:
Mr. Fantastic: Reed Richards leads the Fantastic Four, each of whom was given strange powers by cosmic rays. Able to stretch hs body into any shape, Richards is also a brilliant scientist and uses his brain even more than his stretching ablility.
Dr. Doom: A college rival of Reed Richards' Victor Von Doom was scarred in an accident, and wears a mask to hide his hideous face. In addition to the scientific genius that built his Doombots, Doom also possesses a fair amount of magical ability.
Series:  Marvel Minimates 'Best of' Wave 2

Release Date:  January 30, 2013

UPC:  699788723753

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