Captain Picard & Hugh

Gray and Black Arm (Left)
Gray and Black Arm (Right)
Phaser with Peg Hole (Type 2)
Tricorder (TNG)
Tamarian Dagger
Phaser Rifle (Type 3)
Collar Ring (Red & Black)
Starfleet Uniform Torso (Red)
Base with Large Peg (34mm) - Clear (x2)
Package Text:
Captain Picard: As Captain of the Enterprise-D (and later the E), Jean-Luc Picard made first contact with 27 different alien species, including the Ferengi and the Borg, and was the main contact with the omnipotent Q Continuum.
Hugh: Formerly known as Third of Five, the Borg drone "Hugh" was found at a crash site by the crew of the Enterprise-D. Befriended by Geordi La Forge, he was later returned to his Borg cube with a new sense of individuality.
Series:  Star Trek Minimates Legacy TRU Wave 1

Release Date:  June 13, 2013

UPC:  699788726129

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