Riot Gear Michonne & Hitchhiker Zombie

Brown Arm (Left)
Brown Arm (Right)
Basic Hand - Dark Brown (x2)
Michonne Hairpiece
Tank Top Torso
Base with Large Peg (34mm) - Clear (x2)
Package Text:
Riot Gear Michonne: When the Governor threatened to attack the prison if Rick and his group didn't turn it over to the residents of Woodbury, Michonne and Tyreese donned riot gear to bring the fight to him, with disastrous results.
Hitchhiker Zombie: Survival Tip: Do not pick up hitchhikers during a zombie outbreak. You have no way of knowing if they have been bitten, if they are armed, or if they are part of a larger group that simply wants your vehicle.
Series:  Walking Dead Minimates TRU Wave 5

Release Date:  March 13, 2014

UPC:  699788812167

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