Heroic Carnage & Heroic Hobgoblin

Alt. Carnage Head
Carnage Hairpiece
Fire Foot Blast (Transparent)
Hobgoblin Torso
Goblin Glider (Purple)
Alt Hobgoblin Head
Book - Hobgoblin
Orange Hand with Pumpkin Bomb
Base with Large Peg (34mm) - Clear (x2)
Package Text:
Heroic Carnage: Recruited by Magneto to battle Red Onslaught's hero-countering Sentinels, Cletus Kasady was hit by the Inversion spell, and returned to New York City with a desire to do good. His methods are questionable, but he gets results.
Heroic Hobgoblin: Another one of Magneto's recruits, original Hobgoblin Roderick Kingsley was Inverted, returning to New York on a mission to protect others. But while his intentions are good, he still has profit in mind.
Series:  Marvel Minimates Wave 62

Release Date:  August 19, 2015

UPC:  699788180846

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