War-Torn Iron Man & War-Torn Captain America

Iron Man BD Helmet
Cap Shield (Dirty)
Takeoff Blast Base (Double)
Cap Mask
Glove Hand with Straps
Base with Large Peg (34mm) - Clear (x2)
Package Text:
War-Torn Captain America: Augmented by a unique Super-Soldier serum during WWII, war hero Steve Rogers was preserved in arctic ice for decades. After his revival and reintroduction to modern society, the legendary Captain America found a second calling in life, combating evil and tyranny alongside his fellow heroes as leader of the Avengers.
War-Torn Iron Man: Ever since an incident overseas inspired him to create an invincible suit of armor the eccentric billionaire inventor Tony Stark has dedicated his life to using his advanced technology to protect the world. The chief source of funding and equipment for the Avengers, Stark still finds time to suit up and join Earth's Mightiest Heroes as Iron Man.