Armored Personnel Carrier (APC)

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Armored Personnel Carrier (APC)
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The mission was simple: Go to planet LV-426, re-establish contact with the colonists, find any hostile xenomorphic life-forms on the planet and destroy them. Entry to the colony complex itself was done in the M577 Armored Personnel Carrier (APC), with a team of nine Colonial Marines, two civilians and one artificial person, under the command of Lt. Gorman. When tracking devices located a large cluster of colonists in a remote part of the complex, Lt. Gorman commanded the mission from the APC while the Marines proceeded on foot.
As seen in the classic 1986 movie Aliens, this Minimates-scale APC vehicle has rolling wheels, an opening roof, a sliding door, and a cannon that can move to a rear-mounted storage position.
Series:  Aliens Vehicles

Release Date:  November 9, 2016

UPC:  699788105566

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