Marvel's Vulture & Molten Man

Silver Leg with Deco (Right)
Silver Leg with Deco (Left)
Silver Boot with Deco (Right)
Silver Boot with Deco (Left)
Clear Stand
Basic Hand - Gold (x2)
Basic Foot - Gold (x2)
Base with Large Peg (34mm) - Clear (x2)
Package Text:
Marvel's Vulture: Adrian Toomes was an electronics engineer who developed a flying harness. Betrayed by his business partner and left with nothing, he turned to crime.
Molten Man: A lab assistant who helped develop the Spider-Slayers, Mark Raxton was covered in a liquid metallic alloy that gives off intense heat.
Series:  Marvel Minimates Wave 77

Release Date:  March 7, 2019

UPC:  699788835203

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