G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Box Set (FCBD 2021)

Silver Pistol
Blaster - Blue
Crossbow - Blue
Small Sword
Katana - Silver
Bow with Arrow Notch - White
Arrow - White (x3)
Base with Large Peg (34mm) - Clear (x4)
Package Text:
Commando: Code Name: SNAKE EYES
Snake Eyes is proficient in 12 different unarmed fighting systems (Karate, Kung Fu, Jujitsu) and is the use of edged weapons.
Counter Intelligence: Code Name: Scarlett
Scarlett's father and three brothers were martial arts instructors. She began her training at age 9 and was awarded her first black belt at age 15.
Cobra Commander: Code Name: Enemy Leader
Absolute power! Total control of the world... its people, wealth, and resources---that's the objective of COBRA Commander. This fanatical leader rules with an iron fist.
Cobra Ninja: Code Name: Storm Shadow
Storm Shadow can trace his family history through thirty generations of assassins. He can scale sheer walls with bare hands and feet, move with blinding speed, and endure unspeakable hardship and pain.
Series:  G.I. Joe Minimates Box Sets

Release Date:  October 13, 2021

UPC:  699788843901

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