The Fantastic Four Box Set

Torso Extender - Black
Arm Extender - Black/Blue (x2)
Leg Extender - Blue (x2)
Force Shiled - Transparent (x2)
Jumbo Hand (Black/Blue) (x2)
Fireball - Translucent Orange (x2)
Clear Stand (x2)
Small Stand with Swirls - Orange
Small Stand with Swirls - Translucent
Fireball - Translucent Gray (x2)
Surfboard with Foot Peg and Base Connector - Dark Gray
Cosmic Energy Blast
Base with Large Peg (34mm) - Clear (x6)
Series:  Marvel Minimates Wave 82

Release Date:  July 6, 2022 (BBTS)

Release Date:  July 20, 2022 (Wide)

UPC:  699788841587

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