Iron Man Through the Ages Box Set

Repulsor Hand (Silver)
Repulsor Hand (Red) (x2)
Basic Hand - Peach (x2)
Iron Man Helmet
Iron Man Helmet
Tony Stark Hairpiece
Tony Stark Hairpiece
Fire Foot Blast (Orange)
Fire Foot Blast (Red)
Package Text:
CEO Tony Stark: Even when running Stark Industries, Tony Stark can't turn his back on his duties as the Iron Man for very long. Through the use of Iron Man decoys, holograms and even mechanical Life Model Decoys, Tony was able to maintain his secret identity - until a young child removed the Golden Avenger's faceplate and exposed the truth to the world.
Modular Armor Iron man: The first armor to feature removable parts, the Modular Armor was created to combat the near-unstoppable Ultimo. With a built-in Camouflage Mode and detachable modules like the powerful Railgun or the useful Scanalyzer, this armor can be upgraded even further with the awe-inspiring Hulkbuster exo-suit!
Mark III Armor Iron Man: Lighter and more manueverable than his original armor designs, the Mark III Armor featured the debut of Iron Man's iconic red and yellow appearance. Other upgrades included Tony Stark's first palm repulsor rays, anti-acceleration field, ultra-turbo jet boots and even built-in roller skates!
Mark VI Armor Iron Man: Forced to create a new armor from scratch, Tony Stark brought it back to basics with his retro-inspired Mark VI Armor. When forced to take down a rampaging Jim Rhodes this armor design proved that it's not the technology that matters, but the skill of the man inside the suit.
Series:  Marvel Minimates - Other Box Sets

Release Date:  July 23, 2008

UPC:  699788719480

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