Punisher & Jigsaw

Handgun (Silver) (x2)
Nightstick - Gray
Knife with Brown Handle
Package Text:
Punisher: Equipped with the latest gear and an unyielding appetite for vengeance, the Punisher takes to the streets to continue his one-man war on crime. On his tail is the FBI's Punisher Task Force, dedicated to bringing him in dead or alive.
Jigsaw: Mob boss Billy Russoti's first encounter with the Punisher left him with two things: disfiguring scars across his entire face and a thirst for vengeance like none other. Calling himself Jigsaw, he begins to recruit an arm with only one goal - the death of Frank Castle!
Series:  Marvel Minimates - Toys R Us Two Packs (Wave 2)

Release Date:  March 20, 2009

UPC:  699788000106

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