Dr. Peter Venkman & Energized Terror Dog

Proton Stream
MT-500 Radio
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Peter Venkman: The often overconfident leader of the Ghostbusters, Dr. Peter Venkman did not truly believe in ghosts and the paranormal until seeing the Library Ghost with his own eyes. Now his ability to convince people of almost anything comes in very handy.
Energized Terror Dog: Worshipped by the Hittites, Mesopotamians and Sumerians for eons the entity known as Gozer uses its demi-god minions to locate and possess suitable human hosts. Dana and Louis only barely escaped spending eternity as Zuul and Vinz Clortho.
Series:  Ghostbusters TRU Series 2

Release Date:  August 25, 2009 (TRU Online)

Release Date:  September 1, 2009 (TRU In-Store)

UPC:  699788727454

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