Athena & Cylon Centurion

Handgun (Modern)
Package Text:
Athena: After falling in love with Helo and leaving her fellow Cylons behind, the Number Eight known as Sharon Valerii took the name Athena and became a trusted member of Galactica's crew.
Cylon Centurion: The new model of fearsome artificially-intelligent Centurions was created during the Cylons' forty-year exodus after the First Cylon War. More agile and independent than their preceding models, each Centurion sports deadly claws and savage projectile weapons.
Series:  Battlestar Galactica Minimates TRU Series 2

Release Date:  August 21, 2009 (TRU Online)

Release Date:  August 25, 2009 (TRU In-Store)

UPC:  699788727140

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