25th Anniversary Box Set

Walkman with Headphones
Soapbox Racer
Skateboard - Wooden
Radiation Suit Helmet
Torso with Bulletproof Vest Tampo
Revolver with Snake Emblem on Grip - Silver
Radiation Glove - Right
Radiation Glove - Left
Time Machine Remote Control
Flame Trail (x2)
Package Text:
Join Marty McFly and have the time of your life with this 25th Anniversary set featuring characters from the hit "Back to the Future" franchise!
This box set features some to the key characters from the franchise-launching movie: Marty McFly, Dr. Emmett Brown, Biff Tannen, and the exclusive Minimates debut of Principal Strickland!
Series:  Back To The Future Minimates Box Sets

Release Date:  March 16, 2011

UPC:  699788210178

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