Emile & Jun

MA37 Assault Rifle (x2)
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For almost 30 years the battle between the forces of humanity and the Convenant, an aggressive collection of alien species, has raged across the galaxy. Countless moments of bravery and danger have made heroes on both sides of the war, but above all others stand the Spartan super-soldiers and their leader: the Master Chief, John-117.
Emile: Emile was born on Luixor and later dies defending the Pillar of Autumn on Reach. Emile began as a part of Alpha Company but was pulled out of the unit and made a member of Noble Team, fighting alongside the other members during the Fall of Reach.
Jun: Jun was born on Tyumen in New Harmony. Jun also began as part of Alpha Company, and later served with the Noble Team as their sniper during the Fall of Reach.
Series:  Halo Minimates Toys R Us Series 2

Release Date:  April 24, 2011 (TRU Online - limited)

Release Date:  May 10, 2011 (TRU Online - quantity)

UPC:  699788600818

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