Janine & Slimer

Ghost Trap (Closed) - RGB
Proton Pack (Removable) - Standard
Proton Stream - RGB (x2)
Ghost Trap (Open) with Activator - RGB
Clear Stand
Proton Pack (Removable) - Slimer
Package Text:
Janine & Slimer: Janine has been with the team from the start and her sharp sarcastic wit demonstrates to the team she is not going to take any guff from them! On numerous occasions, Janine has been forced to take up a Ghostbusters uniform and proton pack to bail the guys out of trouble!
Slimer was the first ghost to meet the Ghostbusters team, and "slimed" Peter in their very first encounter. Later, Slimer proved himself not only to be harmless, but helpful, and joined the Ghostbusters as a member of the team, even donning a proton pack to battle other ghosts!
Series:  The Real Ghostbusters TRU Series 1

Release Date:  June 14, 2011 (TRU In Store)

UPC:  699788730263

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