Curse of the Mutants Box Set

Silver Gun (Serum Injector?)
Dracula's Sword
Black Scabbard (x2)
Katana with Black Wrap (x2)
Wolverine Mask
Package Text:
Dracula: Betrayed by his son Xarus, Dracula was revived by the X-Men to assist them in their war with his offspring. But the true king of the vampires needs no help from mutants, and Dracula vows to deal with his son in his own way.
Blade: Although he helps the X-Men obtain a vampire test subject so they can work on a cure for Jubilee, Blade objects to their plan to revive Dracula. It is Blade who discovers Xarus' plan to invade San Francisco, specifically the mutant sanctuary Utopia.
Vampire Wolverine: Few X-Men would be able to stand up to Wolverine under normal circumstances, but a vampiric Wolverine in the grips of bloodlust is nigh-unstoppable. It's too bad his mutant healing factor doesn't work on the vampire virus...
Vampire Jubilee: Jubilee may have lost her mutant powers, but is targeted by Xarus' forces for her bond with Wolverine. Infected by a vampire virus, Jubilee is turned by Xarus himself, and is in his thrall when her former partner comes to rescue her.
Series:  Marvel Minimates - Other Box Sets

Release Date:  October 12, 2011

UPC:  699788722220

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