Future Foundation Box Set

Mr. Fantastic Coiled Base - White
Base with Large Peg (34mm) - Translucent Blue
Translucent Blue Shield
Translucent Blue Stand
Package Text:
After becoming descouraged by how Earth's scientists view science and its applications, Mister Fantastic forms a new group to create a better future for all humanity. Gathering some young, great minds, Mister Fantastic plans to mold them into a team that will come up with solutions to the world's problems.
Mr. Fantastic: Considered by many to be one of the brightest scientific minds in the Marvel Universe, though some of his theories have been considered radical. After the death of young Johnny Storm Mr. Fantastic decides a new world view is needed and he views much of the world as black and white.
Spider-Man: Though he is still considered a young man Spider-Man is also one of the most powerful heroes of the Marvel Universe. What is forgotten many times is that he is gifted in the sciences as well. His areas of expertise differ from those of Reed Richards, and it remains to be seen if that will provide for conflict or a a once in a generation synergy.
Thing: Since the beginning of the Fantastic Four Ben Grimm the Thing has been no just the strong man of the team but also the heart and soul. Ben's view of the world has always served as a counter balance to Reed's detached scientific method. That anchor will surely prove even more valuable now in this time of change for the team.
Invisible Woman: Sue has been with Reed going back to their days in college and she has always been there for him in times of need. Right now with changes going on with the super-hero team how will she deal with the loss of her younger brother that has been such a large part of her life. will Reed be the distracted genius or the support she needs?
Series:  Marvel Minimates - Other Box Sets

Release Date:  July 22, 2011

UPC:  69978872510861

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