Elite Heroes Search & Rescue

Rope - Brown
Helmet with Goggles - Tan
Med Kit
Helmet with Goggles - Gray
Mobile Phone (x2)
Search and Rescue Coat
Orange & Black Arm (Left)
Orange & Black Arm (Right)
Elbow Pad - Brown (x2)
Basic Torso (Transparent)
Basic Leg - Transparent (Right)
Basic Leg - Transparent (Left)
Boot Top - Brown (x2)
Basic Foot - Gray/Brown (x4)
Heavy Duty Flashlight - Green (x2)
Walking Stick (x2)
Brown Hairpiece
Black Hairpiece
Package Text:
Be your own HERO!
Mobile Action Xtreme (M.A.X.) the world's premier action response team!
At Mobile Action Xtreme headquarters, the call comes in: someone's in trouble! Time to select the right team for the job! By pairing your best operatives with the right gear, you can assemble your own rescue party to deploy instantly! And since there are endless combinations, there are endless missions to go on! MAX to the rescue!
Extreme sports can take place in extreme locations, and when something goes wrong you need Team Xtreme! This pair of search-and-rescue specialists are the the MAX team's resident experts on hazardous terrain, so when a hiker or mountain climber goes missing, they're the ones to call. From treacherous peaks to pitch-black caverns, they'll find the lost or injured party with their gear, fix them up with their med-kits and radio for an evac!
Series:  Elite Heroes Two Packs Wave 2

Release Date:  September 7, 2011

UPC:  699788731215

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