Deadpool Corps Box Set

Rifle with Left Side Hole (x4)
Katana with Brown Wrap (x6)
Brown Scabbard (x2)
Clear Stand
Energy Sword (x2)
Package Text:
Deadpool: Wade Wilson, the merc with a mouth, is good at three things: violence, not dying, and being a bit funny in the head. So when he was found to be the only one immune to the consciousness-destroying Awareness, he had to team up with his alternate-reality counterparts to form... The Deadpool Corps!
Championpool: Born shortly after the Big Bang, the Champion has fought thousands of aliens on thousands of worlds, mastering every form of combat in the galaxy, and has become virtually unbeatable. So when he found out the comically ragtag Deadpool Corps was going to save the universe, he wanted in.
Kidpool: On Earth-10330, young Wade Wilson was a student at the Xavier Orphanage for troubled boys along with young versions of Cyclops and Wolverine. Recruited by our Deadpool to save the universe, he brought along a pair of energy swords he stole from his reality's Danger Room.
Lady Deadpool: An alternate-reality Deadpool from Earth-3010, Wanda was a rebel, fighting against a fascist American government spearheaded by General America. In addition to Deadpool's slippery brain, she also possesses his deadly abilities with pretty much any weapon known to man.
Series:  Marvel Minimates - Other Box Sets

Release Date:  October 13, 2011 (NYCC)

UPC:  699788722411

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