Captain America & Ryu

Cap Hairpiece
Energy Blast with Peg Hole - Trans Blue
Captain America Shield
Base with Large Peg (29mm) - Clear
Clear Stand
Package Text:
Captain America: Fueled by the Super Soldier Serum, Steve Rogers' unparalleled sense of justice makes him one of the most respected heroes today, and the ideal leader of the Avengers. Extremely proficient in boxing, judo, aikido, and various other fighting disciplines, he is also skilled with his one-of-a-kind shield, made from vibranium alloy.
Ryu: Ryu's name gained great recognition among martial artists after he defeated the Muay Thai king in a fight. He now wanders the globe, hoping to become a true warrior by engaging in battles with fighters he meets along the way. In addition to his unique fighting style, he is also able to focus his spiritual energy.
Series:  Marvel Vs. Capcom Minimates TRU Wave 3

Release Date:  August 5, 2012

UPC:  699788700839

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