Figures tagged with: torso extender

Battle Beasts Minimates
Gruntos Gruntos
Gruntos Gruntos

Battlestar Galactica Minimates
"Downloaded" Cylon "Downloaded" Cylon
"Valley of Darkness" Cylon "Valley of Darkness" Cylon
Battle Damaged Cylon Battle Damaged Cylon
Cylon Cannon Centurion Cylon Cannon Centurion
(Modern (also listed as Cannon Centurion Cylon))
Cylon Centurion Cylon Centurion
Cylon Commander Cylon Commander
Cylon Elf Cylon Elf
(Based on Cylon Centurion)
Cylon Elf Cylon Elf
(Based on Valley of Darkness Cylon)
Heavy Assault Cylon Heavy Assault Cylon
Mortar Pack Cylon Mortar Pack Cylon
Red Stripe Cylon Centurion Red Stripe Cylon Centurion
Stealth Cylon Stealth Cylon
Tylium Mine Cylon Tylium Mine Cylon

Ghostbusters Minimates and Vinimates
Egyptian Ghost Egyptian Ghost
Phase Four Rowan Phase Four Rowan
Stay Puft Stay Puft
Stay Puft Stay Puft

Halo Minimates
Jorge Jorge
ODST (Rookie) ODST (Rookie)

Marvel Minimates
Absorbing Man Absorbing Man
Age of Apocalypse Sabretooth Age of Apocalypse Sabretooth
Apocalypse Apocalypse
Armored Hulk Armored Hulk
Arnim Zola Arnim Zola
Axis Apocalypse Axis Apocalypse
Barbarian Hulk Barbarian Hulk
Chitauri Footsoldier Chitauri Footsoldier
Chitauri General Chitauri General
Classic Sentinel Classic Sentinel
Colossus Colossus
Composite Hulk Composite Hulk
Conqueror Ultron Conqueror Ultron
Dystopia Hulk Dystopia Hulk
Final Form Ultron Final Form Ultron
Frost Giant Frost Giant
Future Sentinel Future Sentinel
Galactus Galactus
Giant Man Giant Man
Groot Groot
Groot Groot
Hulk Hulk
Hulk Hulk
Hulk Hulk
Hulk Hulk
Hulk Hulk
(Marvel Now!)
Hulkbuster Iron Man Hulkbuster Iron Man
Hulkbuster Iron Man Hulkbuster Iron Man
Infinity Thanos Infinity Thanos
Joe Fixit Hulk Joe Fixit Hulk
Kluh Kluh
Kree Sentry Kree Sentry
Maestro Hulk Maestro Hulk
Man-Thing Man-Thing
Marvel's Onslaught Marvel's Onslaught
Nimrod Nimrod
Omega Red Omega Red
Phoenix Five Colossus Phoenix Five Colossus
Rampaging Hulk Rampaging Hulk
Red Hulk Red Hulk
Red Onslaught Red Onslaught
Rhino Rhino
Robot Hulk Robot Hulk
Sasquatch Sasquatch
Savage Hulk Savage Hulk
Sentinel Sentinel
Thanos Thanos
The Blob The Blob
Thing Thing
Transforming Grey Hulk Transforming Grey Hulk
Transforming Hulkpool Transforming Hulkpool
Venom Venom
Venom Unleashed Venom Unleashed
Wilson Fisk Wilson Fisk
Zombie Galactus Zombie Galactus

Marvel Vs. Capcom Minimates
Hulk Hulk
Sentinel Sentinel

Skybound Minimates
Allen the Alien Allen the Alien

Street Fighter X Tekken Minimates
Hugo Hugo
Kuma Kuma

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Minimates
Chrome Dome Chrome Dome
Commander Mozar Commander Mozar
Rocksteady Rocksteady
Slash Slash

Thundercats Minimates
Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living

Tomb Raider Minimates
Tomb Raider Storm Guard General Tomb Raider Storm Guard General