Figures tagged with: blood

24 Minimates
Jack Bauer Jack Bauer
(EoD 2)

Alien Franchise Minimates and Vinimates
Chestburster Chestburster
Toddler Neomorph Toddler Neomorph

Back To The Future Minimates and Vinimates
Marvin Berry Marvin Berry

Battlestar Galactica Minimates
"Valley of Darkness" Cylon "Valley of Darkness" Cylon
Cylon Elf Cylon Elf
(Based on Valley of Darkness Cylon)
Dead Pegasus Six Dead Pegasus Six

DC Minimates and Vinimates
Bruce Wayne Bruce Wayne

Femme Fatales Minimates
Alice Alice

It Vinimates
Bloody Pennywise Bloody Pennywise

John Wick Vinimates
John Wick John Wick

Kill Bill Minimates
Beatrix Kiddo Beatrix Kiddo
Crazy 88 #1 Crazy 88 #1
(Johnny Mo)
Crazy 88 #2 Crazy 88 #2
Crazy 88 #3 Crazy 88 #3
Crazy 88 #4 Crazy 88 #4
Gogo Yubari Gogo Yubari
O-Ren Ishii O-Ren Ishii
The Bride The Bride
Vernita Green Vernita Green

Marvel Minimates
Cowboy Disguise Tony Stark Cowboy Disguise Tony Stark
James Howlett James Howlett
Old Man Logan Old Man Logan
Stairwell Daredevil Stairwell Daredevil
Zombie Col. America Zombie Col. America
Zombie Iron Man Zombie Iron Man

Maximum Zombies Minimates
Zombie Civilian Zombie Civilian
Zombie Surgeon Zombie Surgeon

Predator Minimates and Vinimates
Anna Anna
Battle-Damaged Harrigan Battle-Damaged Harrigan
Final Battle Dutch Final Battle Dutch

Pulp Fiction Minimates
Bloody Jules Bloody Jules
Bloody Vincent Bloody Vincent
Butch Butch

Sin City Minimates
Jackie-Boy Jackie-Boy

Terminator 2 Minimates
Battle Damaged Sarah Connor Battle Damaged Sarah Connor

Valiant Minimates
Harada Protocol Bloodshot Harada Protocol Bloodshot

View Askew Minimates
Zombie Jay Zombie Jay
Zombie Silent Bob Zombie Silent Bob

Walking Dead Minimates
Amy Amy