Figures tagged with: lab coat

Battlestar Galactica Minimates
Doc Cottle Doc Cottle
Doctor Gaius Baltar Doctor Gaius Baltar
Gina Inviere Gina Inviere

DC Minimates and Vinimates
Leslie Thompkins Leslie Thompkins
Mr. Freeze Mr. Freeze

G.I. Joe Minimates
Dr. Biggles-Jones Dr. Biggles-Jones

Ghostbusters Minimates and Vinimates
Egon Spengler Egon Spengler
(Ready To Believe)
Lab Coat Egon Lab Coat Egon
Peter Venkman Peter Venkman
(Ready To Believe)
Ray Stantz Ray Stantz
(Ready To Believe)

Marvel Minimates
Bruce Banner Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner Bruce Banner
Christine Palmer Christine Palmer
Dr. Connors Dr. Connors
Hulk Hulk
Lab Attack Ant-Man Lab Attack Ant-Man
Morbius The Living Zombie Morbius The Living Zombie
Mr. Fantastic Mr. Fantastic
(Con 4 Pack)
Silver Age Lizard Silver Age Lizard

Muppets Minimates
"Lab Mishap" Beaker "Lab Mishap" Beaker
"Lab Mishap" Dr. Bunsen Honeydew "Lab Mishap" Dr. Bunsen Honeydew
Beaker Beaker
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew Dr. Bunsen Honeydew

Nightmare Before Christmas Minimates and Vinimates
Igor Igor

Plants vs. Zombies Minimates
Scientist Zombie Scientist Zombie

Universal Monsters Minimates
Dr. Henry Frankenstein Dr. Henry Frankenstein

Walking Dead Minimates
Alice Alice