Figures tagged with: knife

DC Minimates and Vinimates
Black Manta Black Manta
The Joker The Joker

Disney Minimates
Peter Pan Peter Pan

Dragon Age Minimates
Varric Varric

G.I. Joe Minimates
Snake Eyes Snake Eyes

John Wick Vinimates
Viggo Tarasov Viggo Tarasov

Marvel Minimates
Crossbones Crossbones

Marvel Vs. Capcom Minimates
Chris Redfield Chris Redfield

Mobile Action Xtreme (M.A.X.) Minimates
Search & Rescue 2 Search & Rescue 2
Undersea Rescuer 1 Undersea Rescuer 1

Pathfinder Minimates
Goblin Warrior Goblin Warrior
Merisiel, Elf Rogue Merisiel, Elf Rogue
Preview Goblin Preview Goblin
Valeros, Human Fighter Valeros, Human Fighter

Playstation Minimates
Nathan Hale Nathan Hale

Predator Minimates and Vinimates
Dutch Dutch
Muddy Dutch Muddy Dutch