Figures tagged with: small torso

Alien Franchise Minimates and Vinimates
Chestburster Chestburster
Toddler Neomorph Toddler Neomorph

DC Minimates and Vinimates
Nibor Nibor

Godzilla Minimates
Mothra Larvae Mothra Larvae

Iron Giant Minimates and Vinimates
Hogarth Hughes Hogarth Hughes

Marvel Minimates
Groot Groot
Howard the Duck Howard the Duck
Itsy Bitsy Spider-Man Itsy Bitsy Spider-Man

Muppets Minimates
Animal Animal

Nightmare Before Christmas Minimates and Vinimates
Cyclops Cyclops
Lock Lock
Mummy Boy Mummy Boy
Shock Shock
Tall Vampire Tall Vampire
Undersea Gal Undersea Gal