Figures tagged with: bare chest

24 Minimates
Jack Bauer Jack Bauer
(EoD 2)

Alien Franchise Minimates and Vinimates
Chestburster Chestburster
Neomorph Neomorph
Teenage Neomorph Teenage Neomorph

All Elite Wrestling Minimates and Vinimates
Chris Jericho Chris Jericho
CM Punk CM Punk
Kenny Omega Kenny Omega

Battle Beasts Minimates
Antalor Antalor
Desmodius Desmodius
Nychirix Nychirix
Vorin Vorin

Bruce Lee Minimates and Vinimates
Brave Little Dragon Brave Little Dragon
Immortal Dragon Immortal Dragon

Buck Rogers Minimates
Tigerman Tigerman

Calico Jack's Pirate Raiders
"Old Dad The Cooper" "Old Dad The Cooper"
(John Fenwick)
Nicholas Vanhoorn Nicholas Vanhoorn
Tom Brown Tom Brown

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Minimates
Lo Lo

DC Minimates and Vinimates
Arthur Curry Arthur Curry
Bane Bane
Hawkman Hawkman
Killer Croc Killer Croc
Sgt. Rock Sgt. Rock

Expendables Minimates
Barney Ross Barney Ross
Gunner Jensen Gunner Jensen
Hale Caesar Hale Caesar

Ghostbusters Minimates and Vinimates
Scolari Brother Tony Scolari Brother Tony

KISS Minimates
Paul Stanley Paul Stanley
(Star Child)
Peter Criss Peter Criss
(The Cat Man)

Knight Rider Minimates
Garthe Knight Garthe Knight

Marvel Minimates
Absorbing Man Absorbing Man
Agamotto Agamotto
Agent of Hydra Captain America Agent of Hydra Captain America
Ares Ares
Atlantean Soldier Atlantean Soldier
Barbarian Hulk Barbarian Hulk
Battle-Ravaged Wolverine Battle-Ravaged Wolverine
Beast Beast
Beast Beast
(X-Men 3)
Beyonder Beyonder
Black Panther Black Panther
Blade Blade
Bone Claw Wolverine Bone Claw Wolverine
Carrion Carrion
Colossus Colossus
Colossus Colossus
Composite Hulk Composite Hulk
Cosmic Silver Surfer Cosmic Silver Surfer
Danger Room Wolverine Danger Room Wolverine
Dark Elf Dark Elf
Drax Drax
Drax Drax
Extremis Soldier Extremis Soldier
Final Battle Deadpool Final Battle Deadpool
First Appearance Blade First Appearance Blade
Frost Giant Frost Giant
Frost Giant 2 Frost Giant 2
Ghost Rider Ghost Rider
Grey Hulk Grey Hulk
(Also listed as Gray Hulk)
Herald Silver Surfer Herald Silver Surfer
Hulk Hulk
Hulk Hulk
(Hulk Green)
Hulk Hulk
Hulk Hulk
Hulk Hulk
Hulk Hulk
Hulk Hulk
Hulk Hulk
Hulk Hulk
Hulk Hulk
(Marvel Now!)
Hulk Hulk
(Ultimate Avengers 2 Pack-In)
Ice Man Ice Man
Iceman Iceman
(Blue Tinted)
Iron Fist Iron Fist
Juggernaut Juggernaut
(X-Men 3)
Kluh Kluh
Kraven Kraven
Kraven the Hunter Kraven the Hunter
Laufey Laufey
Logan-San Logan-San
Luke Cage Luke Cage
Marvel's Surtur Marvel's Surtur
Modern Mandarin Modern Mandarin
Molten Man Molten Man
Morg Morg
Mr. Negative Mr. Negative
Namor Namor
New Wolverine New Wolverine
Ninja Attack Wolverine Ninja Attack Wolverine
Nova Flame Human Torch Nova Flame Human Torch
Odin Odin
Penance Penance
Phoenix Five Colossus Phoenix Five Colossus
Power Man Power Man
Rampaging Hulk Rampaging Hulk
Red Hulk Red Hulk
Red Hulk Red Hulk
Sabretooth Sabretooth
(Ultimate Sabretooth)
Savage Hulk Savage Hulk
Secret Wars Deadpool Secret Wars Deadpool
Silver Surfer Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer Silver Surfer
Ska'ar Ska'ar
Special Ops Wolverine Special Ops Wolverine
Speed Energy Hulk Speed Energy Hulk
Starbrand Starbrand
Sub-Mariner Sub-Mariner
Thor Thor
Titanium Man Titanium Man
Transformation Spider-Man Transformation Spider-Man
Weapon X Weapon X
Werewolf By Night Werewolf By Night
Whiplash Whiplash
Wolverine Wolverine
Wolverine (Prisoner) Wolverine (Prisoner)
X-Force Cable X-Force Cable
Zombie Attacked Black Panther Zombie Attacked Black Panther

Marvel Vs. Capcom Minimates
Akuma Akuma
Dante Dante
Dante Dante
First Appearance Ryu First Appearance Ryu
Hulk Hulk
Mike Haggar Mike Haggar
Red Hulk Red Hulk
Ryu Ryu

Pathfinder Minimates
Ghoul Ghoul
Goblin Warrior Goblin Warrior
Ostog the Unslain Ostog the Unslain
Preview Goblin Preview Goblin

Platoon Minimates
Sgt Elias Grodin Sgt Elias Grodin

Playstation Minimates
Advanced Hybrid Advanced Hybrid

Predator Minimates and Vinimates
Dillon Dillon
Dutch Dutch
Final Battle Dutch Final Battle Dutch
Final Battle Royce Final Battle Royce
Mission Briefing Dillon Mission Briefing Dillon
Mission Briefing Dutch Mission Briefing Dutch
Muddy Dutch Muddy Dutch

Pulp Fiction Minimates
Bloody Jules Bloody Jules
Bloody Vincent Bloody Vincent

Rocky Minimates
Boxing Gear Rocky Boxing Gear Rocky
Final Bout Apollo Final Bout Apollo
Final Bout Rocky Final Bout Rocky

Silence of the Lambs Minimates
Buffalo Bill Buffalo Bill

Sin City Minimates
Yellow Bastard Yellow Bastard

Star Trek Minimates
Khan Khan
Khan (Wrath of Khan) Khan (Wrath of Khan)
Swashbuckling Sulu Swashbuckling Sulu

Street Fighter X Tekken Minimates
Abel Abel
Heihachi Heihachi
Ken Ken
King King
Marduk Marduk
Ryu Ryu
Sagat Sagat
Steve Steve
Zangief Zangief

The Lord of the Rings Minimates
Gollum Gollum
Gollum Gollum
Uruk-hai Berserker Uruk-hai Berserker

Thundercats Minimates
Bengali Bengali
Jackalman Jackalman
Lord Jaga Lord Jaga
Monkian Monkian
Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living
Panthro Panthro
Vultureman Vultureman

Tomb Raider Minimates
Tomb Raider Scavenger Tomb Raider Scavenger

Universal Monsters Minimates
Dr. Reed Dr. Reed

Valiant Minimates
Bloodshot Bloodshot

View Askew Minimates
Mooby Mooby

Walking Dead Minimates
Battle Damaged Tyreese Battle Damaged Tyreese
Burned Zombie Burned Zombie
Burning Zombie Burning Zombie
Crawling Zombie Crawling Zombie
Days Gone Bye Zombie Days Gone Bye Zombie
Dwight Dwight
Shoulder Zombie Shoulder Zombie

Watchmen Minimates and Vinimates
Dr. Manhattan Dr. Manhattan