Silver Age Lizard
Zombie Civilian Robin
Heavy Assault Batman Natalie Romanova
Captain America
Asteriod M Magneto 2003 Conventions Blue
Gold Spider-Man One-Eyed Zombie
Vigo the Carpathian
WWII Wolverine Rolento
James Howlett Weapon X Wolverine
Red Stripe Cylon Centurion
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X-Ternal Cannonball Warrior Shatterstar Heavy Armor Cable Triumphant Domino Parker Alien Ellen Ripley Kane Valeros, Human Fighter Harsk, Dwarf Ranger Merisiel, Elf Rogue Goblin Warrior Zombie Doctor Doom Zombie Kingpin Zombie Sabretooth Morbius The Living Zombie Casual Vincent Casual Jules Pumpkin Honey Bunny Sheldon "Green Lantern" Raj Howard Amy Sheldon "The Flash" Leonard Penny Bernadette Mutagen Raphael April O'Neil

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X-Force Box Set Alien Box Set Pathfinder Box Set Villain Zombies 2 Box Set Diner Showdown Box Set Big Bang Theory Box Set 1 Big Bang Theory Box Set 2 TMNT Specialty Blind Pack Raphael & April O'Neil Donatello & Shredder Leonardo & Foot Soldier Michelangelo & Foot-Bot Mutagen Leonardo & Foot Soldier Infinity Box Set NYCC 2014 Ghostbusters Ecto Promo Mass Effect Blind Pack Godzilla Box Set 1 Vincent and Mia's Night Out Box Set

Iron Man "The Trouble With Tribbles" Kirk
Nathan Drake Rhino
Fire Fighter 1
Odin Fenruk
Prison Hershel King of Fools Quasimodo
2003 Conventions Green
Blade Super Skrull
Wolverine Hulk
Dress Uniform Scotty
Hulk Demitri
Cheetah Shin Akuma