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Most Clicked Minimates

Disappearing Cheshire Cat Time-Frozen Alice Alice Kingsleigh Jet-Pack Spider-Man Monochrome Time Squirrel Girl Mandroid Time Mad Hatter Ribbon Fantasy Alice Spider-Man Noir Tweedledum Alice Kingsleigh Tweedledee Blizzard Donald Gill Red Queen White Queen Itsy Bitsy Spider-Man Doctor Strange Enchantress Mad Hatter Stephen Strange Blizzard Gregor Shapanka Strong Zealot Black Knight Red Queen Astral Form Doctor Strange Time Christine Palmer Matt Murdock Tigra Ant-Man Classic Falcon Zealot Captain America Mordo Rogue Wastelands Wolverine Armory Spider-Man

Most Clicked Characters

Spider-Man Iron Man Wolverine Captain America Hulk Batman Deadpool Ant-Man Thor Venom Magneto Daredevil Ultron War Machine Cyclops Dr. Strange Jean Grey/Phoenix Scarlet Witch Xenomorph Black Widow Loki Storm Alice Archangel Hawkeye Juggernaut

Most Clicked Packs

Jet-Pack Spider-Man & Squirrel Girl Spider-Man Noir & Itsy Bitsy Spider-Man Alice Hot Topic Series 1 Blind Bag Astral Form Doctor Strange & Strong Zealot Blizzard Gregor Shapanka & Mandroid Ribbon Fantasy Alice & Tweedledum Black Knight & Enchantress Blizzard Donald Gill & Mandroid Stephen Strange & Christine Palmer Tigra & Classic Falcon Doctor Strange & The Ancient One Age of Ultron Exclusive Box Set Captain America & Hyperion Alice Kingsleigh Vinimate A vs. X Box Set (Fan Poll) Alice Kingsleigh & Tweedledee Daredevil Netflix Box Set 1 Gotham Box Set 1 Thunderbolts Box Set Comic Book Men Box Set Daredevil Netflix Box Set 1 (TRU) Doctor Strange & The Ancient One Iron Man Through the Ages Box Set 24 Season 2 Box Set Captain America Through the Ages Box Set Deadpools Assemble! Box Set

Most Clicked Accessories

Handheld GE M134 Minigun Large Gun Base with Large Peg (34mm) - Clear Gray Hood Gun with 'Bang!' Flag Webline Burrito Composite Bow - Orange Ghost Trap (Closed) Jean Vilain Alternate Head

Least Clicked Minimates

Captain Salazar Constrictor Doctor Spectrum Dr. Manhattan Final Battle Royce Henry Igor Iron Arm Lydia Musician 1 Of the Beast Pvt. Drake Saxophonist Slimed Peter Snowman Jack Speed Demon Starbuck Twilight Witch King Ty Webb Undersea Gal 2005 Retailer Summit 2005 Wizard World Boston 2008 New York Toy Fair Action Figure Xpress Blue Keychain Akuma Akuma Art Asylum Logo Blank Arthur Barbossa Battle Damaged Kirk Battle Damaged Starbuck Battle-Damaged Harrigan Behemoth Big Witch Blanka Bloody Jules Bruce Banner Bullseye CAG Kara Thrace

Least Clicked Characters

- Al Czervik Blackhawk Clubber Lang Don Corleone Dreadlock Farmer Jem'Hadar Jonathan Archer Marduk Marigold Mickey Mr. Freeze Rachel Summers Robby the Robot Rorschach Sherry Palmer Skeleton Crewman Spiral Stick Supergirl Taserface Thunderlips Tinkerer Unnamed Pirate - Good Abby Yates

Least Clicked Packs

Battle Damaged Endoskeleton Brave Little Dragon (Carded) Chemical Warehouse Battle Dark Phoenx & Cyclops Dexter & Dreadlock Zombie Dr. Ray Stantz & Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Dr. Teeth & Rowlf Gandalf the White & King Theoden Guile & Zangief Iron Giant & Hogarth Klingon Link Hogthrob & Swine Trek Crew Lydia Vinimate Man in Black Vinimate Navy Builder Box Set Of the Beast Ringwraith 1 & Ringwraith 2 Ryu & Akuma Slimed Patty & Mrs. Slimer Spartan Mark VI (Red) & Spartan Mark VI (Blue) Terminator & John Connor "World of the Psychic" Peter & Vigo the Carpathian Abraham Ford & Military Zombie Agent Fox Mulder Vinimate (2016) Agent Tony Chu & Agent John Colby Alternate Superman Miniflyer

Least Clicked Accessories

Alt Keyes Head Alt. Cap Head Alt. Hulk Head Alt. Zombie Head Andúril Scabbard AR-15 (Translucent Green) Arm - Blue and Brown (Right) Arm - Light Gray (Right) Arm with Blue Sleeve (Right) Arm with Striped Shirt - Left