Statistics For Current Week (since Sunday)

Most Clicked Minimates

Hulkbuster Captain America Batman Black Coat Mickey Black Panther Corvus Glaive Ebony Maw Falcon Nightwing Iron Spider-Man Winter Soldier Batwoman Mark 50 Iron Man Tron Black Widow Fury 161 Ripley Robin Sora Resurrection Xenomorph Marvel NOW! Daredevil Catwoman Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider Amanda Ripley Advanced Xenomorph Frontal Assault Punisher Ron Johner Isolation Xenomorph Fury 161 Dillon Space Paranoids Sora Annalee Call Groot Thanos Rocket Mickey Mouse Spider-Armor Spider-Man Batgirl Transformation Venom Raven Cyborg

Most Clicked Characters

Spider-Man Iron Man Captain America Wolverine Venom Hulk Deadpool Daredevil Thor Batman Black Panther Thanos Ghost Rider Peter Parker Cyclops Ant-Man Carnage Green Goblin Jean Grey/Phoenix Black Widow Punisher Magneto Dr. Doom Iron Fist Hawkeye Tony Stark

Most Clicked Packs

Avengers Infinity War Box Set Marvel NOW! Moon Knight & Frontal Assault Punisher Marvel NOW! Daredevil & Robbie Reyes  Ghost Rider Hulkbuster & Corvus Glaive Captain America & Falcon Annalee Call & Resurrection Xenomorph Marvel NOW! Luke Cage & Marvel NOW! Iron Fist Black Panther & Ebony Maw Jessica Jones & Purple Man Black Coat Mickey Vinimate Fury 161 Ripley & Fury 161 Dillon Sora & Donald Duck Donald Duck From Space Paranoids & Tron Venom Through the Ages Box Set Deadly Foes of Spider-Man Box Set Groot & Rocket Amanda Ripley & Isolation Xenomorph Mickey Mouse & Goofy Alpha Flight Box Set #1 Iron Spider-Man & Hulk Marvel Heroes Box Set Ron Johner & Advanced Xenomorph Daredevil Netflix Box Set 2 Superman Legacy Box Set FCBD Nightwing Batgirl Two-Pack Age of Ultron Exclusive Box Set

Most Clicked Accessories

Base with Large Peg (34mm) - Clear Handheld GE M134 Minigun Torch (Glow in the Dark) Handgun Phaser (TOS) Psylocke Hairpiece Webline Backpack (Web) Corvus' Staff Basic Hand - Peach

Least Clicked Minimates

Savage Land Reaper Frost Giant Bamfing Nightcrawler Hellbilly Marigold Slimed Egon The Spirit Blanka John Taggart Twilight Witch King Unnamed Pirate - Evil Clear Twilight Witch King Eowyn Somewhere in Time Sulu Terminator USA Rocky Balboa Chekov First Appearance Dutch Monk Morgul Lord Witch King Of the Beast P'Gell White Zombie Brutal Planet Michael Corleone Ringwraith 2 Roxanne Slimed Winston The Squid Tron Uhura Chloe O'Brien Diary of a Madman Felicia Fredo Corleone Glow in the Dark Goblin Natalie No More Tears

Least Clicked Characters

Dreadlock ODST Rookie Prison Guard Wrestler Zombie - Farmer Laufey Madame Hydra Rtas Vadum Monster Plumber Zombie Pumpkin King Shadowcat James Howlett Rachel Summers Twin 2 Unnamed Avengers Movie Character Unnamed Pirate - Good Wendy Ashley Daxter Elyana Isiem Sherry Palmer Marigold Raven

Least Clicked Packs

Endoskeleton & Kyle Reese Terminator & John Connor Endoskeleton & Battle-Damaged T-800 Final Battle T-1000 & Battle-Damaged Sarah Connor Monk Twin 1 Scotty Sulu Uhura Iron Arm No More Tears Ace Frehley (Tubed) Brutal Planet Felicia & John Talbain Klingon Twin 2 Blanka & Dan Chekov Hong Kong Dragon (Tubed) Mirror Kirk Wizard World 2003 Blue (D'Anna Biers or Aaron Doral) & Simon the Cylon Blackest Night Batman Vinimate Fistful of Alice Hellbilly Lurtz & Twilight Witch King

Least Clicked Accessories

Iron Man Leg - Blue-Gray (Right) Kabuki Hairpiece Mace Pastel Green Arm (Right) Red Belt Tyreese Hairpiece Base with Large Peg - Clear Acrylic Cap Hairpiece Deathstroke Hairpiece Flying Gauntlet - Red (Right)