Release Calendar - DC Minimates and Vinimates
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July 2006Total Minimates: 1
July 20, 2006Green Lantern: John Stewart(1)
February 2007Total Minimates: 8
February 21, 2007DC Minimates Series 1(8)
March 2007Total Minimates: 8
March 21, 2007DC Minimates Series 2(8)
April 2007Total Minimates: 8
April 18, 2007DC Minimates Series 3(8)
July 2007Total Minimates: 8
July 5, 2007DC Minimates Series 4(8)
September 2007Total Minimates: 8
September 5, 2007DC Minimates Series 5(8)
October 2007Total Minimates: 8
October 24, 2007DC Minimates Series 6(8)
February 2008Total Minimates: 8
February 13, 2008DC Minimates Series 7(8)
July 2008Total Minimates: 8
June 11, 2008DC Minimates Series 8(8)
July 2015Total Minimates: 2
July 8, 2015 (SDCC)Gotham "Before the Legend" Two-Pack(2)
December 2015Total Minimates: 4
December 16, 2015Gotham Box Set 1(4)
March 2016Total Minimates: 4
March 9, 2016Gotham Series 2 Box Set(4)
August 2016Total Minimates: 4
August 10, 2016Gotham Series 3 Box Set(4)
March 2017Total Minimates: 4
March 1, 2017Gotham Series 4 Box Set(4)
July 2017Total Minimates: 1
July 20, 2017 (SDCC)SDCC 2017 Superman Vinimate(1)
September 2017Total Minimates: 7
September 2, 2017DC Comic Vinimates - Walgreens Wave 1(3)
September 20, 2017Themiscyra Wonder Woman Vinimate(1)
September 27, 2017Batman Vinimate(1)
September 27, 2017Harley Quinn Vinimate(1)
September 27, 2017Green Lantern Vinimate(1)
October 2017Total Minimates: 6
October 5, 2017DC Comic TRU Vinimates - Wave 1(5)
October 18, 2017Wonder Woman Vinimate(1)
November 2017Total Minimates: 13
November 8, 2017Batman Vinimate(1)
November 8, 2017The Flash Vinimate(1)
November 8, 2017Wonder Woman Vinimate(1)
November 29, 2017Justice League Vinimates - Wave 2(3)
November 30, 2017Justice League Vinimates - Walgreens(3)
November 30, 2017Justice League Vinimates - Toys R Us(4)
January 2018Total Minimates: 3
January 17, 2018The Flash Vinimates - Wave 1(3)
February 2018Total Minimates: 6
February 7, 2018Arkham Asylum Vinimates(3)
February 14, 2018DC Comic Vinimates - Wave 2(3)

Note: The figure totals in the right column will indicate the total Minimates in a given wave. This will lead to some figures being counted more than once. For example the first Spider-Man Minimate was in Wave 2, the TRU Box Sets, the Single Packs, etc. Simply adding up the numbers will result in Spidey being counted for every pack he has been in. I'm working on fixing this, but my SQL-fu isn't yet up to the task.

Missing Release Dates

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Bruce Lee Minimates Series 1
Marvel Minimates - Wal-Mart Canada (2003)
Marvel Minimates - Shop-Ko Multilingual (2003)
Marvel Minimates - Shop-Ko Singles
Silver Surfer
Darktide DVD Set
Aragorn & Saruman & Legolas & Twilight Frodo (clear)
The Lord of the Rings Minimates Box Sets (dual language)
Evil Ryu & Shin Akuma
Max X5-452
Break Boy
Art Asylum Logoed (green bag)
Art Asylum Logoed (purple bag)
Steve Geppi Promo (Employee)
C3 Wave 1 Spanish
Mini Javelin
C3 Miniflyers Spanish
Marvel Minimates - Toys R Us Box Sets Group B
Marvel Minimates - Toys R Us Box Sets Group C
Agent Fox Mulder Vinimate (2016)
Agent Dana Scully Vinimate (2016)
Slimed Peter Vinimate
Slimed Ray Vinimate
Jack Skellington Vinimate (GITD)
Masked Predator Vinimate
Masked Battle-Damaged Predator Vinimate